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he hearts and minds….as always[x]
Jhigh03: about the lending of the shorts?[x]
Streamer: yes
Jhigh03: I dont own any boxers to lend out anymore, hence part of why I said I missed it[x]
Retro78: jimmies…
Jhigh03: Probably the only thing I miss about sweaty @$$ boxers[x]
DemandingFemale: Sorry, my phone is blowing up tonight
Streamer: usely u dont miss thing till you want to use them
Jhigh03: If Boxer briefs are too hot are you “Free Balling” it or going Tigbhty-whitey?[x]
Streamer: imma say free ..as im not wearing the boxer briefs and tighty whireys
DemandingFemale: Borat 1 piece thong ?
Jhigh03: cause the free balling can be a huge issue in the summertime, I wear alot of Board shorts so i must have rash gaurd dhorts[x]
Streamer: df if i did id scare children
DemandingFemale: That’s their problem lol
Jhigh03: he called it a Manskiniu, DF[x]
Jhigh03: Manskini[x]
Frac: Streamer free stylin in his jeep hehe
Streamer: frac ftw
Jhigh03: free-ballin, with his leg proped up on the dash[x]
Jhigh03: instant blo-through, breeze[x]
DemandingFemale: in gym teacher short shorts
Jhigh03: Or Base ball umpire shorts[x]
Streamer: and a mesh t
DemandingFemale: Daisy Dukes
Jhigh03: Spandex short-short things[x]
Jhigh03: if not a mesh T, the metalic for sure[x]
Jhigh03: and Crocs,…ofc[x]
Streamer: chain libk t ftw
Streamer: link
DemandingFemale: You can get caught in that mesh
Jhigh03: huh?[x]
Jhigh03: oh,linbk[x]
Streamer: chainlink mesh tshirt
Jhigh03: thats how he snags his ladies DF[x]
DemandingFemale: I knew of several lads that had to have it removed by the ER
Jhigh03: shirts pulling double duty[x]
Jhigh03: their nipple rings get hung in their t-shirts,lol[x]
Streamer: wheres kan???
Jhigh03: havn’t seen him all week[x]
Jhigh03: I think he’s scared of DF[x]
Frac: haven’t seen him
Jhigh03: and I know he’s scared of frac[x]
DemandingFemale: kan is cool with me
Streamer: my dog when i had one did that frac
Frac: my lab does too, is hilarious
Streamer: or if i asked him if he was eyeballinb me
Jhigh03: E-frac-tile Dysfuntion[x]
Jhigh03: HaHa, I been sitting on that one since last night.[x]
Frac: so your jusnk don’’t work then J?
DemandingFemale: lol my husband says fracdown for when people have a tantrum
Jhigh03: only when thinking of u;);)[x]
Jhigh03: hence ur name in the middle[x]
Streamer: wonder if he got a vacation
Jhigh03: dont get it DF[x]
Jhigh03: like a melt-down[x]
DemandingFemale: yes
Jhigh03: is it cause of frac,lol[x]
DemandingFemale: yes
Frac: what does he say when he’s humpin the groupies?
DemandingFemale: is it in yet?
DemandingFemale: probably
Jhigh03: I mean cause if u stalk to ur Chad about frac that shows some hidden feelings ..or some thing[x]
DemandingFemale: nah, he read the forum on the other site a few times
Frac: IKR sickos
Jhigh03: you 2 are like Abbot and Costello, when you wanna be,lol[x]
Streamer: isnt foreplay , “u nekid yeet? “
humanityforward2814: I missed you frac
Frac: I saw wallowing hogs go at it once..shocking
Streamer: wered she go ?
DemandingFemale: like you miss that mysterious rash you had in highschool?
humanityforward2814: that never went away
DemandingFemale: you can get creams for that
Streamer: im going on record i like frac
humanityforward2814: lame
Jhigh03: like her for what, streamer,lol[x]
Frac: mmm now I am moist
Jhigh03: oh,FFs[x]
humanityforward2814: moist gets me hard
Streamer: its the internet obliously for her mind J
humanityforward2814: Love that word, its the best
Streamer: good try
humanityforward2814: EVEN BETTER
Frac: you ain’t got one 2814
DemandingFemale: I thought it was from all the tears
humanityforward2814: aingt got one what? use your words frac
Jhigh03: Hu and Trump both like the Golden Showers[x]
Jhigh03: good one DF[x]
Streamer: ill as k
Streamer: whats 2814
humanityforward2814: I believe those are numbers.
Frac: good one J
Streamer: in reference to ?
humanityforward2814: Frac is kink shaming
humanityforward2814: how dare you
humanityforward2814: its not in reference to anything
Streamer: oh snap
Streamer: its u
humanityforward2814: OR IS IT!!!!?
Streamer: ur names so long i never read iy
Streamer: it
Streamer: i killed chat
Frac: the trolls killed chat
humanityforward2814: then why are you still talking frac
humanityforward2814: being a troll and all
Frac: anywho why are there no links for https://primewire.unblockit.link/tv/23760/watch-life-below-zerodeg-season-14-episode-9 yet?


So I just recieved a 7 day mute for :read site rules: and I was in chat when it happened. Above was the convo we were having , if someone/anyone could point out why I was muted I’d greatly appreciate it, since I dont expect to get an answer back from the Mod who did this. I’m trueland can thiun of now other reason than some sort of Bias. Alot of you have had this same thing happen and I don’t see it stopping only getting worse. confused and


Either you're blind, or there are no photos.

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