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Superman & Lois (2021) S1 E2
dinklefaust 1 points 3 days ago.

watched this live on TV and wow this episode was amazing. This show is not a let down. 5/5 I would recommend watching this show if you love the classic superman, but also it is different.

Superman & Lois (2021)
dinklefaust 3 points 10 days ago*.

I would say give the show a chance before writing a review and saying what you think and all.

Superman & Lois (2021)
yonkk 3 points 10 days ago.

This is not Lois and Clark 1997.

dinklefaust 3 points 10 days ago.


Superman & Lois (2021) S1 E1
dinklefaust 5 points 10 days ago.

Really amazing episode, and I loved the story so much.

Every Day (2010)
dinklefaust 3 points 11 days ago.

links added, and It’s a good movie.

American Gods (2017) S3 E4
dinklefaust 2 points 12 days ago.

Stargirl doesn’t suck, and the flash has good episodes and season 6 didn’t have a proper ending. Superman & Lois will be amazing. Smallville is a CW show and it is such an amazing show.

American Gods (2017) S3 E4
dinklefaust 0 points 13 days ago.

interesting. The show called Black Lightning is on it’s final season, and it doesn’t even get trailers for each episode like most shows.

Your Honor (2020)
NoelCoyotebleu 0 points 19 days ago.

Oh the cast was terrific, the show… I have mixed feelings, unrealistic is one word that comes to mind. lol

dinklefaust 0 points 19 days ago.

I don’t know I guess it just depends. The show Suits is set in New York and none of them have a New York accent. All in all only really the hardcore really old people would have a strong accent of New Orleans and the ones typically known to be in that area are just exaggerated. Sure there may be accents of New Orleans that young people have but it’s not the majority I’m assuming.

Your Honor (2020)
NoelCoyotebleu -1 points 27 days ago. (Contains Spoilers)

It’s strange that a show based in New Orleans, doesn’t have one actor, major or minor, speaking with an accent, except for the Irish guy. That detail would make it a better production.

dinklefaust 0 points 19 days ago*.

It can happen and shows don’t usually focus on those things always. I think they chose a good cast.

Your Honor (2020)
dinklefaust 0 points 19 days ago.

Just finished this show I’ll say a non spoiler review. I enjoyed this a bit and has lots of twists and turns. The character development is pretty good. The ending is something you will have to see.

Groundhog Day (1993)
WLK-MaStRKiLL3r 3 points 23 days ago.

My girl hates it but I love it. Classic Murray! Any tv show she watches that has a groundhog day episode she skips it entirely, ha..

dinklefaust 3 points 21 days ago*.

wow I’m surprised I love time loop kind of movies, and I even made a playlist if you’re interested

Groundhog Day (1993)
dinklefaust 6 points 23 days ago.

Every so often I decide to watch this movie, and I just love it so much each time.

Glitch (2015) S3 E1
dinklefaust 1 points 1 month ago.

really good season premiere, and I’m loving this show.

American Gods (2017) S3 E4
ac1d 2 points 1 month ago. (Contains Spoilers)

well it has to be infinitely better than the garbage known as Bat woman

dinklefaust 2 points 1 month ago. (Contains Spoilers)

Yeah batwoman started off horrible at times but the last episodes of season 1 made it better, but still not my favourite show. I originally stopped watching the show after episode 9 in December 2020 I caught up continuing from episode 10 i wasn’t gonna watch those episodes again

American Gods (2017) S3 E4
ac1d 2 points 1 month ago*. (Contains Spoilers)

i really liked Gotham -never understood why it ended -ya welcome -tv ratings are no longer hidden thanks to the net

dinklefaust 2 points 1 month ago. (Contains Spoilers)

They probably felt that it had a proper ending or ratings could have suffered. Sometimes shows end too early even when they are successful. I heard a batman tv show will come following the new batman movie and I believe michael keaton will be in it but idk.

American Gods (2017) S3 E4
ac1d 2 points 1 month ago*.

season 1 started out with a very high 9 million viewers -all this info is easy to google and look up for ya self -altho low numbers dont always mean a cancelled show -tbh i dont get how executives at tv stations think
Season 1 (2017)
No. overall No. in season U.S. viewers (millions)
1 1 0.975
2 2 0.710
3 3 0.716
4 4 0.631

Season 2 (2019)
No. overall No. in season U.S. viewers (millions)
9 1 0.520
10 2 0.348
11 3 0.329
12 4 0.336

only some of the numbers

dinklefaust 2 points 1 month ago.

Wow those numbers are impressive and I think sometimes show’s have the season 4 curse where season 3&4 just suck. Sometimes it feels liken after season 2 they relax in writing and it shows in some shows. Season 5 could be when a show finds its footing again. I’ve seen two shows with a excellent season 4, gotham and lucifer. I appreciate the information you gave btw.

American Gods (2017) S3 E4
ac1d 2 points 1 month ago.

season 3 already has lost 40 million viewers in 3 episodes -wont be surprised if this gets cancelled soon

Season 3 (2021)
No. overall No. in season U.S. viewers (millions)
17 1 0.209
18 2 0.185
19 3 0.160

dinklefaust 2 points 1 month ago.

How many viewers did season 1&2 have?

Stories From Our Future (2019)
etim 1 points 1 month ago.

No biggie. If you ever have questions with with using the site and can’t find the answer, asking in chat usually will get you quicker help.

dinklefaust 1 points 1 month ago.

thanks for giving them a response etim, I was away.

Stories From Our Future (2019)
gldmedia 1 points 1 month ago.

I apologize… I put the links for Black Mirror season 1 by mistake… Gld

dinklefaust 1 points 1 month ago.

report link if it is the wrong one

WandaVision (2021)
Gellert_TV 1 points 1 month ago.

I didn’t hate it, but it wasn’t at Infinity War’s level that was way beyond

dinklefaust 1 points 1 month ago.

I loved endgame

WandaVision (2021)
Gellert_TV 2 points 1 month ago.

Is it just me or Marvel fans are worse than DC fans ? I thought it was the opposite but if we get in the darker places it really isn’t was I was thinking
I just came to Marvel from DC after the disappointment that was Endgame in my opinion, to watch this “MARVELOUS” first 3 episodes and everyone is calling this trash because they want FIGHTING, Punches everywhere, action, action and action. We need to calm down a bit like DC did and WAIT until the show ends to have a proper opinion on this, if you don’t like after the finale, it’s ok, it’s your opinion.

dinklefaust 1 points 1 month ago.

You hated Endgame?

WandaVision (2021)
Terrifying Timber 11 points 1 month ago.

Didn’t anyone else notice that the first episode was like The Dick Van Dyke show with the same set etc and had a little I Love Lucy thrown in? The second was Bewitched and Pleasantville when the colors starting showing.

dinklefaust 6 points 1 month ago.

reminded me of honeymooners when that one girls husband’s name was Ralph.

The Boys (2019)
dinklefaust 0 points 1 month ago.

Casually waiting for season 3.

Kintsugi (2020)
karen292625 1 points 2 months ago.

yes because of watermark of other site, link with watermark not allowed to upload in primewire

dinklefaust 1 points 2 months ago.

how big was the watermark?

Kintsugi (2020)
karen292625 0 points 2 months ago.

upload this again without anoying watermark

dinklefaust 0 points 2 months ago.

wow link was removed

Utopia (2020)
redtreetops -1 points 2 months ago.

yeah no doubt don’t scratch the surface might end up having to actually use your brain. just consume product.

dinklefaust 1 points 2 months ago.

whatever you say :/

Legacies (2018) S3 E1
Justb78 -1 points 2 months ago.

I need links please!

dinklefaust 0 points 2 months ago.

January 21, 2021 is when it airs.

Utopia (2020)
redtreetops 1 points 2 months ago.

because it revealed everything it needed to. It’s called the “revelation of the method” in the occult. Basically, as long as you convey what you’re doing through symbolism you can’t be punished in the afterlife for your sins because technically you told them what you were doing. They just weren’t smart enough to understand. And legally speaking ignorance is not a defense.

dinklefaust 3 points 2 months ago*.

I’m not a religious person just thought the story was good.

Broken Hill Blues (2013)
Utopia (2020)
dinklefaust 2 points 2 months ago.

finished this show yesterday. hope it comes back apparently it was cancelled.

Time After Time (1979)
dinklefaust 6 points 2 months ago*.

enjoyed this movie and think it really tells a good story.

Veneno (2020) S1 E5
Professionals (2020)
factorjosh 1 points 3 months ago.

i’m torn on whether to watch. i mean i love the big blue boy scout and want to support him but i’m not sure if i have room in my schedule for this

dinklefaust 0 points 3 months ago.

watched first episode and it was a pretty solid episode and I enjoyed it quite a bit.

Wonder Woman 1984 (2020)
kingarco66 1 points 7 months ago.

ah yes Oct 2 would be the usa date .. Aug 13 still appears to be the Oz date .. I expect it will be available on PW around then

dinklefaust 4 points 3 months ago.

it’s releasing on HBO max soon and select theaters example: Australia.

Professionals (2020)
dinklefaust 2 points 3 months ago.

excited to see the rest of the episodes uploaded as only 2 are available. I’m gonna check this out later. thanks for the uploads and have a great day.

Find Me in Paris (2018)
dinklefaust 1 points 3 months ago*.

Loved this show so much I watched season 3 when it came out on this site and hope a spin-off happens if season 4 never happens.

Broken Hill Blues (2013)
Gone Girl (2014)
dinklefaust 2 points 3 months ago. (Contains Spoilers)

One thing I’ll say I loved this movie but the ending could have extended for like 20 minutes.

Sliders (1995)
Krl246 2 points 2 years ago.

Hahaha, sliders that’s great. Some even have links. This show was so good, and, so bad. It’s like “My Secret Identity”, when he grew up.

dinklefaust 0 points 4 months ago*.

starts going downhill after season 2 episode 9. I enjoy the show but a certain story line just makes the show feel totally different.

His New Job (1915)
Alfred Hitchcock Presents (1955)
Julianna 2 points 4 months ago.

Absolutely the very best! No one else can even come close in my opinion!

dinklefaust 2 points 4 months ago.

Psycho is a good movie to watch, and it’s from Alfred Hitchcock.

Psycho (1960)
dinklefaust 1 points 4 months ago. (Contains Spoilers)

I watched this movie because I watched some of the show called Bates motel and I enjoyed it and wondered how the movie was. The movie being made in 1960 shows how different life was and the way people dressed or talked and it’s actually a pretty good movie. Tells a interesting story and you can see how everything unfolds and why it is like that. I recommend this movie and also Bates motel TV show. They are both different but the same in some ways.

Overspel (2011)
Overspel (2011)
Grand Hotel (1932)
The Flash (1967)
The Legend of the Five (2020)
rdmovieman 1 points 5 months ago.

I’m a huge movie buff, there probably isn’t anything that you can recommend that I haven’t seen yet. You’re more than welcome to give me some recommendations though, you never know there might be something out there I haven’t seen yet that im missing out on. 😊

dinklefaust 1 points 5 months ago.

I’ll be sure to give you some.

The Legend of the Five (2020)
rdmovieman 0 points 5 months ago.

Okay don’t get me wrong on this comment I’m leaving you now, I’m smiling while I write this. I will definitely check out the movie The Devil all the time, I was going to check that one out already but I’m really not really into horror suspense movies. I just find it funny that the movie The Legend of the Five was kind of like a kids family adventure movie on Nickelodeon and instead you offer me a Movie where the devil’s in the name and that’s nothing even close to the same kind of movie, LOL! That’s kind of like if you were watching the TV series stranger things and you didn’t like it….( not like that could even be true though) and I said you should definitely check out DuckTales it’s an awesome show lol :-) just thought it was funny, had to leave the comment. Really though thanks for the suggestion. I will check it out. I wish I had my list of old movies but when PrimeWire first went down when it was the original site I had a ton of playlists with some great movies and shows listed. Not to toot my own horn but I think I have really good taste when it comes to movies and shows. I don’t think I’ve ever been wrong when it comes to telling if it was going to make it big or not or have another season.

dinklefaust 1 points 5 months ago.

I can give recommendations of old movies, and yeah I gave that movie as a recommendation because you said this movie wasn’t that good and I was saying a movie I actually enjoyed.

A Deadly Vision (1997)
dinklefaust 0 points 5 months ago*. (Contains Spoilers)

Just finished watching ‘A Deadly Vision’(1997) I planned on watching this movie but forgot the name but then I found it again. I had watched this movie based off the way the cover of it looks and I didn’t read what it was about. I just decided to watch and find out for myself. It doesn’t have any actors/actress I knew of. This movie had a unique situation and you just keep wondering what will happen next. I was in anticipation during the movie to figure out what the ending is.

Playing for Keeps (1986)
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