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Pulp Fiction (1994)
MixueW 3 points 11 hours ago.

This movie never gets old!

Commando (1985)
SJ Robert 1 points 11 hours ago.

Took me awhile but I finally guessed correctly that Schwarzenegger’s kidnapped daughter is a very young and cute Alyssa Milano, at 12.

The NeverEnding Story (1984)
MixueW 0 points 11 hours ago.

Another fav childhood movie!

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker (2019)
CatDarkwoodS 2 points 11 hours ago.

Not as bad as everyone makes it out to be. I actually really liked it, I always had a feeling there was some kind of connection between Ben and Rey and so I was happy to see that they finally got their moment as brief as it was.

Odd Thomas (2013)
prism 3 points 12 hours ago.

Loved this movie and the book, cried at the end of both. Anton Yelchin was the perfect person for Odd Thomas, if they were to make the other books it just wouldn’t be the same :(

Redemption Day (2021)
kchief58 0 points 12 hours ago.

Not a bad movie at all….

Bloodlands (2021) S1 E2
PonderThis 0 points 12 hours ago.

I didn’t see that coming! I had a feeling the good doctor was hiding something.

The Stand (2020) S1 E8
darklighter1 0 points 12 hours ago.

Good Lord was that dumb….

Commando (1985)
eric luschen 0 points 13 hours ago.

I have too watch it again just to laugh

Alien -1 points 13 hours ago*.

Shadowland trailer:
Looks pretty lame, in my opinion.

Commando (1985)
eric luschen -1 points 13 hours ago.

this movie had so many mistakes it was so funny

Britain's Outlaws (2015)
Junglistic 1 points 13 hours ago.

They forgot the welfare family aka Royal Family…

Saint Maud (2020)
LuxxyLuxx 1 points 13 hours ago.

WOAHHHHHHH!!! This movie…. 10/10

The Mallorca Files (2019)
Fmghost 0 points 13 hours ago.

OK male and female cop show where you know eventually they’ll probably get together, the beautiful scenery of Mallorca to me is the star of the show

Teen Titans Go! (2013)
shadowdragon 0 points 14 hours ago.

I can’t believe this garbage is still being made. Bring back the original Teen Titans.

Commando (1985)
dpk6806 1 points 7 days ago.

One of the best Action movies made in the 80’s

Jompa79 -1 points 14 hours ago.

No way Rambo was much better movies, he Will kick Arnold ass

Narco Wars (2020)
AlvyLad 0 points 14 hours ago.

E11 been aired few days ago

The Beatles (1965) S3 E5
Saucer-People 3 points 1 day ago.

This was a kids TV series?!? I’d have thought hearing Tomorrow Never Knows, The Beatles interpretation of Leary’s Psychedelic Prayers (which in turn was an interpretation of the Tibetan Book of the Dead) track, accompanied with images of a Mayan inner-world would have left one hell of an impression!
Especially considering this was 1967, it is one hell of an adventurous cartoon - nearly as strange as the Beatles accents which to my English ears sound bizarre.

dgener8 1 points 14 hours ago.

I don’t the accents are even close to any of the real ones

Space Sweepers (2021)
Sj 4 points 15 hours ago.

good movie

The Umbrella Academy (2019) S2 E5
AZR006 2 points 15 hours ago.

The sound levelling is a complete failure. Like WTH.

Bloodlands (2021) S1 E2
Yellowbeard 0 points 15 hours ago.

:-0 Jesus Mary and Joseph. I hope all y’all are still watching this. Fabulous.

American Honey (2016)
duuuuuuuuuude 3 points 16 hours ago.

You know why Shia LaBeouf plays the same unlikable, mentally ill, d-bag in every film? Because he’s an unlikable, mentally ill, d-bag in real life.

juaman 1 points 15 hours ago.


Scorpion (2014) S1 E12
Rightback 0 points 15 hours ago*. (Contains Spoilers)

40’ of flex tube for breathing? Hello?

Kung Fu (1972) S1 E5
SJ Robert 0 points 15 hours ago.

Classic series, but I’m realizing that all the episodes are so sad at the end, at least so far.

I Care a Lot (2021)
fessologue 0 points 15 hours ago.

Loved the ending! Well deserved!

Punky Brewster (2021)
eric luschen 0 points 4 days ago.

Cute show and Soleil is Hot

dw99 0 points 16 hours ago.

It’s 2021. For more than 50 years, women have been explaining that the constant comments about their looks are unwelcome — that these comments, plus associated behaviors, affect how women feel about themselves, and cut into the energy that they have available for living the rest of their lives as fully and freely as they should be able to (as fully and freely as men do). That these comments, and associated behaviors (such as a guy-boss not promoting or not hiring a woman whose looks he deems inadequate in some way), have measurably detrimental effects on women’s lives.

Women are not here on Earth to serve men — as sex holes, as eye candy, as objects of rage to assault verbally and physically — any more than men are here to serve women. We are all here to live our lives as fully as we can, and this kind of behavior significantly reduces a woman’s ability to do that.

I hope you’ll decide to start responding to women as you want to be responded to — and to stop engaging in behaviors that limit them in life. Thanks.

Test Pattern (2021)
TeklaDuDuchava 0 points 16 hours ago.

Wonderful film.

American Honey (2016)
duuuuuuuuuude 3 points 16 hours ago.

You know why Shia LaBeouf plays the same unlikable, mentally ill, d-bag in every film? Because he’s an unlikable, mentally ill, d-bag in real life.

Less Than Perfect (2002)
ShinmenTakezo 1 points 16 hours ago.

Very funny sitcom, with a very talented cast who would go on to bigger things in short order. Very happy to see at least season 1!

Life Like (2019)
fessologue 1 points 17 hours ago.

Nah! they could’ve done/shown much more with this idea. It feels like a waste.
But the idea is very interesting!

War Dogs (2016)
CodeBlack 2 points 1 day ago.

If you haven’t seen it, def worth the watch

Randall 4 points 17 hours ago*.

Great flic I have watched it many times..

The Ren and Stimpy Show (1991)
LegitBoss 2 points 18 hours ago.

Is it me or does the thing that is supposed to be a cat sound like Larry from the 3 Stooges? Uncanny.

Young Sheldon (2017) S4 E2
collein 0 points 18 hours ago.

Id forgotten just how good this show is.

UFC Fight Night (2005)
matty 0 points 19 hours ago.

the best site to watch UFC
Never any lag and always uploaded quickly
thanks uploaders

The Wolf of Snow Hollow (2020)
Jodpurrs 0 points 19 hours ago.

This movie is so good -so well written and directed. Jim Cummings is my new favorite person, gonna def seek more of his work out.

I Care a Lot (2021)
Lexectro 1 points 19 hours ago*. (Contains Spoilers)

Would have been good if the mother got her revenge on both these btches. Other than that, I agree with the 1 star reviews on IMDB.

For Pete's Sake (1974)
Vigile 1 points 19 hours ago.

Such a really great, hilarious, and unusual film. It’s a real sleeper hit. Watch it.

Noah (2019)
Animal63 0 points 20 hours ago.

Scene from “Noah”:

Dinosaur 1;”Do you think he’ll notice that we’re both males?”

Dinosaur 2; “Relax… If we pull this off, we’ll eat like kings!”

The Monkees (1966) S2 E7
sloburnjo 1 points 20 hours ago*.

This episode is A literal rip off of competitor network tv show “Beverly Hillbillies” 😆

The Originals (2013)
Jack Reacher -1 points 21 hours ago.

I’ve seen all of THE VAMPIRE DIARIES and THE ORIGINALS, all i wanna say is go for it, my review 5/5 stars, no doubt their IMDb ratings are so high ,but the only main thing I want to say if by chance you came here before The Vampire Diaries, just don’t, don’t start watching The Originals, go back n watch The Vampire Diaries first, it’s mandatory to follow the order otherwise your emotions will not be real for the Mikealsons.

The Originals (2013) S5 E13
Jack Reacher -1 points 21 hours ago.

This was heart soothing and too emotional. But I loved it.

The Monkees (1966) S2 E6
sloburnjo 2 points 21 hours ago*.

“Sunny Girlfriend” by M. Nesmith & “Love is Only Sleeping” by Mann\Weil performed in musickal outro.

WandaVision (2021) S1 E8
fessologue 2 points 21 hours ago. (Contains Spoilers)

A being capable of spontaneous creation?! She’s more than a witch! She’s a god!

The Monkees (1966) S2 E5
sloburnjo 3 points 22 hours ago.

“Day Dream Believer” is sung during musickal interlude

The Originals (2013) S5 E12
Jack Reacher -1 points 22 hours ago.

I’m literally crying crazy 🥺😭

Eye in the Sky (2016)
dpk6806 1 points 23 hours ago.

Eye in the Sky is superbly cerebral and morally thought-provoking; a suspense thriller for intelligent people. It is impossible to come out of this 102-minute film and not have your soul shattered in some way. This is one of those films you shouldn’t watch alone because you would immediately want to discuss with someone which side of the fence you would sit on and count the dire consequences. Is there even a right side?

Frankenstein's Army (2013)
Unknown Freak 1 points 23 hours ago.

This was much better than expected for a ‘found footage’ film which I am not a fan at all. They truly went old school with awesome practical effects and NO CGI at all! All the zombie bots and genetically modified Nazi soldiers were just insane and must have taken a lot of time to create. So much time and devotion was put in this film to create such horrifying ‘monsters’ and super creepy and eerie settings. An amazing underrated war/Nazi horror movie.

Erotic Power 4 (2017)
daza 3 points 1 day ago.

Erotic Power 4 (2017)

Punky Brewster (2021)
JadeEnigma 2 points 1 day ago*.

Read your misogynistic comment quite a few times. I know exactly what you meant, doc, and so does everyone else here.

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