The Widower (2021)
Saucer-People 2 points 5 days ago.

One of the best and most detailed true crime cases I’ve seen for a while.
There are very few cases that last over a decade and even fewer that are filmed over such a long period.
Given the complexity of the case and the sheer amount of footage, the film makers did an excellent job boiling it down to three 90 minute episodes.
Likewise, using the perspectives of the two tenacious detectives and the incredibly brave daughter of one of the murdered wives to weave the many threads together instead of just focusing on the sociopathic perpetrator himself was very refreshing and unlike say the recent Night Stalker series on Netflix, the detectives didn’t make the case all about them nor did the interviews with the victims and their family and friends feel like they were included just to tick some woke boxes about the voices of the victims ‘been heard’.
This is also a story about the American justice system and how a very intelligent sociopath can use it to their advantage, again and again.
As the prosecuter said at one point, the case is like a movie and after you’ve watched all three episodes, it definitely leaves you thinking that the truth is most definitely stranger than fiction.

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