The Silence (2010)
VacantField42 2 points 2 months ago.

Also, what if we created a thread at Forum, that we can get other like-minded watchers of these series? Too lame or good idea? I have seen a few playlists with the EuroCrime, and it’s derivatives. “The Tunnel” is on the top of my all time list..and I am so desparate for some binge series to use as a mini- escape from my nightmare of real life, LOL!!! LMK your thoughts, Hope you are doing well and staying safe..VC42

TX2Guns 2 points 2 days ago.

To Say you like The Tunnel is to say you like The Heavyweight Champion of all Scandi Noir, The Bridge (Bron/Broen Swedish/Danish version not that American shite version) which has been the inspiration for several decent variations, I actually thought the German/Austrian Der Pass topped The Tunnel with the Russian and Asian remakes coming in a very distant third and fourth.

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